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Healthy, Local, and Whole Food Meals

Low-Carb, Keto, and Gluten-Free (shared kitchen)


We believe that food has power..

Pheonix Cooking is passionate about the power behind a carefully and intentionally cooked meal. The power to heal a body. The power to recommit to self care and progress. The power to comfort and uplift. The power to include and consider. From delicious keto meals that can transform your body to healthy alternatives that include your allergies or dietary needs, we want to help you make the best meal for you.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Quality Ingredients

We believe in supporting locally and responsibly sourced vendors.  Click here to see our partners in preparing your dinner.

Carefully Designed Meals

We have carefully crafted meal plans set up to help you make the change you want to make.  We also have the time and energy to create a plan that fits your specific needs. 

Enjoy the food you eat

We are not just about nutrition, we love to eat and we love to create foods that bring delight and comfort to the taste buds.

Doorstep Delivery

We will deliver the prepared meals right to your door! Just pop them in the microwave or oven and enjoy a meal you can be trust. 

What's Cooking

Our Meal Plan includes...


A healthy meal for each day 

Whether its dinner for one or the whole family, we will make sure to bring home the bacon for you (literally we have delicious bacon). With meals fully prepared, delivered and ready to eat at the start of every week.


Breakfast and lunch options

They call breakfast the most important meal for a reason and we also LOVE breakfast food (once again that bacon..).  Let us prepare breakfasts for your week and lunches to take to the office.


Snacks and desserts too!

We personally know that the hardest part of changing your life through food is not one big decision, but it is the small ones.  Especially the small ones at midnight when the cravings hit.  Let us help you with those cravings with healthy, delicious alternatives you can feel proud of.


Join us on mobile!

Download the Spaces by Wix app and join “Phoenix Cooking” to easily stay updated on the go.

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Seasons and Celebrations should include pie!

Since recorded history food has been a huge part of celebrating, remembering, and welcoming each new season. Phoenix Cooking wants to help make that happens in a way that continues your healthy lifestyle and is not hindered by allergies or food limitations.  We have seasonal meals, celebration options and are open to any ideas or suggestions to make each new season sweet! 

A phoenix is all about transformation and our menu agrees!

While we have meals you can always count on there is something to be said about taste diversity. Boredom has killed many healthy lifestyles and we want to spare you the pain of it.  We will have two unique meals every week as well as seasonal treats and meals.

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