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Good food comes from good ingredients

We strongly believe that food has the power to transform your life - for the better or worse.  We also believe that the transformation begins with the ingredients you use and where they came from.   Instead of fighting the food we eat, let's make it work for us and our body.

Meat and Dairy Products

Why Keto?

The Ketogenic diet's goal is to enter your body into a state of Ketosis. Ketosis moves your body from burning sugar to burning fats. While this life style is not for everyone, it is a very effective (and yummy) way to lose a lot of weight.  A key aspect to success with this diet is to fully commit and dive into the healthy fats and proteins your body needs to stay in a state of ketosis.  That is not always easy and we want to provide access to this healthy lifestyle. 

Germinated Plant

What are the rules of keto?

We like to keep keto simple. Eat quality protein (and enough!), quality fats, and keep the carbs low.

Avoid added sugar and foods that are high in carbohydrates like wheat or corn products.

Most importantly, eat real food! Avoiding processed foods and focusing on things Healthy Meat, Chicken, fish, and low starch vegetables will ensure you feel your best!

Our rule: keep the dialogue open, figure out what works for you and is sustainable!

Just because the food is allowed doesn't make it healthy

We do our best to only use ingredients we trust from farmers we trust.  We believe this to be especially true for meats, eggs and dairy.  The health and diet of the animals we consume matters, especially when fats and proteins are such a large portion of our diet.  And let's be real, it really does taste better.  Check out our farmers here!   

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