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Phoenix Cooking: Who are we?

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Welcome to our Phoenix Cooking Blog! We want to introduce ourselves and invite you to the next step of our adventure!

So who are we? We are a health focused meal prepping service. We are currently focused on Keto meals but our long-term mission is to provide a service that has the customer in mind. Every customer, not just the easy ones. Even the diabetic, allergic, picky and frustrated customer - the customers that are like us.

In a more personal sense, we are two families that LOVE to feed and eat. Like literally LOVE it and we will find any opportunity to do so. With that love we were presented with some challenges through the years.. allergies, health diagnosis's, high cholesterol and overall health and wellness, oh and did I mention more allergies? By the time we started trying to eat together it became... well let's just say difficult. But that challenge just fueled our love for cooking and it became a shared passion. Led by our fearless captain, Chris Esquilin, we have decided to share our passion with the world (or at least with the greater Charlotte area)!

What do we hope to do? Provide meals prepared in advance and delivered for a week of healthy choices. We will be starting with keto specific meals as we believe in the healing and building power of the keto diet. Chris is a NASM CPT and has a ketogenic living certification, not to a mention a living example of the lifestyle's legitimacy. And you know, who doesn't love bacon??

What's next? We need you. As a small business we need the input and support of our community to get going. Our next step is research and building a base to lean on. If you are interested in trying out our product, learning about our next steps or signing up for a spot when we get started please complete a contact us form. Join our family for dinner, we make the meal with you in mind.

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