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Choose your pricing plan

  • A Spark

    Every week
    One meal and one craving
    • $22 value
    • One session with our Ketogenic Living Certified coach
  • A Camp Fire

    Every week
    5 main meals a week
    • $75 value
  • A Furnace

    Every week
    6 meals and 1 craving
    • $100 value
  • Laser Focus

    Every week
    12 Main Meals
    • $180 Value
  • The Inferno

    Every week
    10 meals and 10 cravings
    • $250
  • The Phoenix

    Every week
    14 meals and 14 cravings
    • $308 value

Or make your own plan!

We would love to find a meal plan that fits you and your life.  

Our resident keto expert, Chris Esquilin, is "Ketogenic Living Certified".  He would love to talk you through the best process and plan for your health journey.

Our goal is to find a solution but please be patient with us as we are a new operation and limited.  We currently can not promise an allergen free facility and will need to charge more for more expensive ingredients.  But we take it very seriously and are striving for open communication every step of the way!

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